Private Tour Manado Bunaken

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• Private Toru Manado Bunaken - The natural beauty of the underwater island of this one always makes tourists from all over the world chuckle in admiration. Rich in biota luat be the reason why this island is like magic for foreign tourists who keep coming. Maintained coral reefs, beautiful colorful fish species, are very easy to find on this island in the North Sulawesi region. This island is called Bunaken Island, one of the 4 islands in the worldwide Bunaken National Park.

• Beaches with black and white sand become the scene presented here. Also seen were fishermen boats and tourist transport boats neatly lined up as if to be another attraction of this island. Going deeper into the monument, there is a form of Bunaken Island that extends. Many tourists are seen capturing themselves for a photo together with this one monument. A walk on the beach is a fun activity before jumping into the blue sea water. Seeing shipbuilding or seeing the activities of fishermen who work together to push the boat into the sea is a sight that can be witnessed while visiting here.

• Satisfied to see the beauty of the upper part of the island, it's time to taste the famous underwater part of Bunaken Island. The beauty of the coral to the underwater fishes of Bunaken Island extends far beyond the blue sea water. The clear sea water even makes hidden coral reefs easily visible. Coral reefs on this island are very unique because they are in the form of walls or cliffs that protrude to the bottom. As you go down the beauty and richness of the biodiversity of the island that is included in this national park, it will be more visible. Because of that, there are so many diving spots that you can dive into to see the underwater beauty of this island.

• However, besides Bunaken's natural beauty, there is also religious tourism offered by this Christian-majority city. It's called the Bless Jesus Monument which has a slope of 20 degrees. This monument is often equated with the Statue of Cristo Redentor, the Statue of Jesus in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The Jesus Bless Monument is located inside the luxurious Citraland housing complex, 15 minutes from downtown. This monument has a height of 30 meters and a supporting statue as high as 20 meters. So that the height of this statue to 50 meters with a slope of up to 20 degrees.

• This statue, which has the Jesus Bless Monument, was formed with Jesus facing north while raising his hand and facing him down while blessing the citizens of Manado and surrounding areas. From the side, the robe covering Jesus was made to fly as if blown by the wind. The purpose of the construction of this statue is not only aimed at Christians who become the majority population in the city of Manado but also has meaning as a symbol of religious harmony.

• To be able to see this monument, you can enter Citraland Housing. From here, the front view of the Jesus Bless Monument will be clearly seen. In addition, you can also see the towering Mount Klabat. If you want a different side, rotate then enter the main road, you will see the other side of the statue that stands sideways with its robe that stretches fluttering as if in the wind

+ Airport / Hotel - PP Dock (Driver as Guide, BBM, Parking)

+ Bunaken PP Speedboat, Welcome Drink & Lunch

+ Rent: Catamaran, Mineral Water & Snorkeling Equipment

+ Tourist Entrance Ticket

+ Tips Driver/Crew/Guide

• Day 1 (L, D)

• Participant pick-up, City Tour (Pasar 45 & Jengki, Ban Hin Kiong Temple, World War II Monument, Oldest Church, Zero Point, Asean Largest Jesus Statue, Boulevard, Sunset Malalayang Beach). Dinner, hotel check-in & rest.

• Day 2 (B, L, D)

• Breakfast, Tour (Minahasa Highland, Tinoor, Tomohon, Ekayana Pagoda, Woloan, Lake Tondano, Kawangkoan, Lake Linau). Back to hotel & rest.

• Day 3 (B, L,)

• Breakfast, Bunaken Tour (Glass Bottom Boat Tour),, Welcome Drink (young coconut + fried banana, dabu2). Snorkeling in Bunaken Marine Park. Afternoon / Afternoon return to Manado, Drop Participants & Trip Completed.

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