Private Tour of the Maluku Kei Islands

4 Day 3 Night
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• Kei Islands Private Tour - Tells the story of eastern Indonesia with a million charms and wonders seemed to have no end. Starting from the beauty of the sky that stretches clean blue to the charm of its beaches like heaven on earth. One of the representations of beauty is that you can enjoy it in Maluku Province, an island which besides being known for its spice history has beautiful seaside beauty and underwater paradise.

In Maluku there is a unique beach with an incredible view of the vast blue sea. The beach is called Ngurtafur and is located in the Kei Islands, Southeast Maluku. Kei Island itself is a group of islands located between the Seram Sea, Banda Sea and Arafuru Sea. The islands are divided into two, namely Kei Besar Island and Kei Kecil Island.

Ngurtafur Beach is not as famous as Bora-Bora Beach in the Pacific Ocean but in terms of beauty, Ngurtafur is no less beautiful. How not, Ngurtafur Beach has a charred beach that protrudes or extends into the middle of the ocean without breaking along 2 km and 7 meters wide. When you are at this beach, you feel like you are walking in the middle of a vast ocean but in fact you are walking on a stretch of fine white sand which divides the beach into two sides. Not only that, the sea water at Ngurtafur Beach is very clean and blue.

On this beach there are also leatherback turtles known as tabob by the local community. This type of turtle is protected and has captive breeding around the coast managed by WWF. In fact, if you are lucky you can meet a group of Australian pelicans who are migrating to Maluku from their homes in Australia and Papua New Guinea. This view of a flock of pelicans is a special treat when you set foot on Ngurtafur Beach.

On the crystal clear beach which is decorated by lush and green trees, you can relax to feel the soft touch of beach sand at the sole of your feet. If you want you can also do other activities such as swimming and snorkeling. While the views of this coastal plain are breathtaking, the underwater scenery will amaze the eyes. Even coral reefs on this beach can be seen directly from the ship. Various fish species also look back and forth as if they want to invite you to play.

To be able to enjoy the beauty of Ngurtafur Beach, it does not require a short journey, but believe me when you arrive at this beach all the fatigue will be paid. Because this beach is no joke and it's not a delusion.

+ Land Transportation During the Tour, Mineral Water

+ AC Hotels: 3N (2-3share) & eat according to the itinerary

+ Rent Hopping Island Boats, Local Guides & Tourist Tickets

+ Tips Guide/Crew/Driver

• Day 1 (L, D)

• Participant pickup, Lunch, Continue Explore (Evu Waterfall, Hawang Cave, Ngurbloat Beach). Lodging, Dinner & Free / Break Check-In.

• Day 2 (B, L, D)

• Breakfast, Snorkeling & Explore (Ngurtavur, Ohoiwa, Tanjung Ngurbloat). Back to the inn, Dinner & rest.

• Day 3 (B, L, D)

• Morning Call, Sunrise on Masbait Hill, Breakfast, Snorkeling & Explore (West Dullah, Bair Island, Lake Sio Ado, Adranan Island). Back to the inn, Dinner & rest.

• Day 4 (B)

• Breakfast, Lodging Check-out, (City Tour Tual - Optional). Towards Ambon Airport & Trip complete.

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