Romantic Escape Adventure Lombok Gili Trawangan

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Nusa Tenggara
4 Day 3 Night
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Lombok Island is an island in the Lesser Sunda islands or Nusa Tenggara which is separated by the Lombok Strait from Bali in the western part and the Alas Strait to the east of Sumbawa. The island is more or less round in shape with a kind of "tail" on the southwest side that is approximately 70 km long.

Note : Package price for 2 people

- 2 nights stay at Villa Ombak hotel in Gili Trawangan area

- 1 night stay at the hotel of choice in the Senggigi area

- 3x breakfast at the hotel

- 4x lunch - 2x dinner and 1 x Romantic Dinner at Villa Ombak

- Aromatherapy SPA with a duration of 1 hour

- Private transport during the tour

- Charter private Speed boat to Gili Trawangan PP

- Bicycle on Day 2

- licensed HPI Tour Guide

- Cold drink (Soft Drink) during the Tour Program

- Mineral water during the Tour Program

- Donations, entrance fees and parking fees during the Tour Program

Note: All facilities obtained in this Program are Personal / Non-Sharing

Package Details

D1: Arrival of Airport - Gili Trawangan

D2: Gili Trawangan Activity (To sunset point)

D3: Gili Trawangan - Waterfall & Spa Aromatheraphy (Sindang Gile Waterfall, Hutan Pusuk Pass)

D4: City Tour - Airport (Pura Lingsar, Narmada)

Note: Tour programs can change the day according to the schedule of arrival and return, without losing the facilities obtained

Day 1 Arrival of Airport - Gili Trawangan

After you and your partner arrive at Lombok International Airport (meeting service), then our journey continues towards Gili Trawangan with the following program:

1. Lunch at a local restaurant in the Mataram city area with a typical Lombok menu

2. Malimbu Hill: It is a hill with beautiful natural hills and oceans

with a row of gili gili (small islands) in this place. Tour participants can document

the natural beauty of Lombok Island in Malimbu Hill. Then the trip will continue


3. Nare Bay Harbor: One of the ports to cross to Gili Trawangan using Private speed Boat with a distance of about 8-10 minutes.

4. Gili Trawangan check in Hotel

5. For Dinner We will prepare at the Local restaurant on Gili Trawangan

6. After dinner, free program. You can enjoy the atmosphere of the night and various kinds of entertainment in Gili Trawangan.

Day 2 Gili Trawangan Activity (Snorkeling Trip, Bike To sunset Point)

After breakfast at the hotel, we will pick up our guide to do the Program as follows:

1. Snorkling Trip: A trip to the snorkeling spot with clear underwater scenery decorated with various colors of ornamental fish in the waters of Gili Air, then proceed to spot the blue coral and turtle sport around Gili Meno.

2. We will serve Lunch for Local Rerstaurant in Gili Trawangan.

3. In the afternoon you and your partner can go to the sunset point on Gili Trawangan to witness the beauty of the sunset with the background of the Mount Agung of Bali.

4. For Dinner we will present it at the beachside resataurant with a comfortable, clean atmosphere and blends with the natural beaches of Gili Trawangan.

5. After Dinner, the Event Is Complete. You and your partner can enjoy the night atmosphere along the Gili Trawangan road with various kinds of entertainment that are unfortunately to be passed.

Day 3 Gili Trawangan - Waterfall

After breakfast (check out Gili Trawangan hotel) you and your partner will be picked up by our team to return to Lombok then travel to the foot of Mount Rinjanji in the village of Senaru with the following program:

1. Senaru Village: Village under the foot of Mount Rinjani

2. Sendang Gile & Tiu Kelep Waterfall: It is one of the largest and highest waterfalls in Lombok, precisely in the village of Senaru, sub-district of Bayan, North Lombok Regency. To get to the location of the waterfall you have to walk approximately 10-15

minutes and down the stairs approximately 150 stairs from the parking lot of the vehicle. Arriving at the waterfall, your tiredness will disappear with the scenery and cool atmosphere there. After enjoying the beauty of the crazy spring waterfall, the journey continues to Tiu Kelep waterfall, which is about 20-30 minutes past the clear river flow and shade of trees under the foot of Mount Rinjani. Arriving there you can do activities such as swimming, soaking in the cold water of Tiu Kelep Waterfall or just documenting the beauty that is served by the 3rd highest mountain in Indonesia.

3. For lunch we will serve it at a local restaurant in the village of Senaru with the atmosphere of the mountains of Mount Rinjani. After that the journey will continue towards

4. Pusuk Pass Forest (Monkey Forest): It is home to benign monkeys

which is along the Hutan Pusuk road, you will pass a winding road with amazing views. Arriving in the forest, the arrival of you and your partner will be welcomed by the monkeys who come over. Here we can eplic eat monkeys with light foods like peanut shells etc. Then we continue our journey back to the Hotel for check in and rest

5. At 19:00 we will pick you and your partner at the hotel for dinner. We will prepare a special dinner or a Romantic Dinner at the beachside resataurant in the Senggigi area with a comfortable, clean and integrated atmosphere with the Senggigi beach.

6. Return to the hotel and free program.

Day 4 City Tour - Airport

Finish breakfast at the hotel (check out) you and your partner will be picked up and continue the journey on the last day with the following program:

1. Aromathephy Spa in the Senggigi area

2. By   by Typical Lombok: Here there are various kinds of typical eplic souvenirs, ranging from food, t-shirts and mutira Lombok which include dodol, candied seaweed, salted eggs, honey, Wild Horse Milk and a collection of quality eplic shirts. very good and Mutira eplic with export quality that can't be missed. After being satisfied hunting for souvenirs, our journey continues towards the Aromatherpahy SPA place in the Mataram City area

3. For lunch we will serve at a local restaurant in the area of ​​Mataram City, then our journey continues towards

4. Lingsar Temple: Temple which was built during the kingdom of AA big coral asem in 1741 and is a temple of religious harmony where in the temple area there is a combination of Hindu people and Wetu Telu Muslims. After tracing the tracks of the relics of the tamarind coral, our journey continues back towards

5. Sukarara Village: A woven fabric producing village in Lombok

6. Then transfer to Lombok Airport. FINISHED EVENTS.

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